Our ability to sense value and gauge markets directs our approach to acquisitions, as we seek opportunities where our expertise can add value for our partners and investors.


Our history of managing, leasing and advising third-party clients has strongly influenced our development discipline, enabling us to bring a fresh look and approach to creating value. We are particularly adept at instituting capital improvement programs to increase returns on investment.


We continuously develop comprehensive, individualized marketing and leasing strategies for each of our properties to ensure investment strategies are fully realized and high occupancy levels are maintained, to generate returns.

Asset Management

We approach each property with one key objective: to maximize its day-to-day performance and long-term value. Combined with our comprehensive management practices, this approach allows us to develop and execute the most effective investment plans for each asset to ensure they meet and surpass partner and investor expectations.

Property Management

Our in-house team of property management experts oversees all aspects of building operations, with a unique set of objectives specific to each building and a focus on ensuring each property is maintained to the highest standards, with exceptional levels of responsiveness and efficiency.

Project Management

From concept and planning to completion and analysis, we ensure thorough coordination and rigorous attention is given to all facets of a project, through a dedicated approach that carefully aligns clients’ needs with their business objectives.